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Stuff You Should Not Put Down Any Sink!

We're all guilty of pouring leftovers down the sink instead of cleaning them up from time to time. It's much easier, and can't really do any harm...can it?

While your drains may be able to keep up for a while, it's only a matter of time until all that grease and grime clogs them up for good.

Here are 12 things you should never, ever pour down the sink, however lazy you might be feeling!

1. Don't put flour down the sink

What should you never put down the sink?

Your kitchen sink is not a bin!

If you've ever made a cake, you'll know what happens when flour meets liquid - a bit, gloopy mess. Now imagine that happening on the inside of your drain - not very conducive to a clear flow of water, right?

Flour is something you should never put down your drain if you want to avoid a messy drain blockage.

2. Milk should not be put down the drain

This one is a little surprising, to say the least.

Putting milk (or any other dairy products for that matter) down the drain can have serious environmental consequences. So serious in fact, that UK businesses can actually be fined for doing it.

This is because milk requires large quantities of oxygen to be broken down into the environment, depriving other organisms of the air they need to survive.

Next time you buy milk products, make sure you check the expiry date and give yourself plenty of time to consume them. You'll be doing your drains, and the environment a favour!

3. How to dispose of coffee grounds

There are loads of things you can do with coffee grounds, but throwing them down your drain isn't one of them.

Coffee smells so delicious that it's easy to think it may actually freshen up your dirty drain, but in reality, it will only cause problems.

Coffee grounds stick together, and can easily block your pipes after time. A much idea is to add them to your compost heap - your plants will love them.

4. Small fruit & veg stickers can cause big problems

if you are ever tempted to throw fruit or veg stickers down the drain, please don't.

These sticky little bits of plastic may not look very harmful, but they'll take years and years to compost down - bad news for your pipes, and the environment too.

5. Small seeds & grains can cause problems too

Speaking of small items, seeds nuts and grains can also cause a problem for our drains.

This applies to generic things like corn kernels, cherry pits and more specifically, chia seeds, which expand in water - a nightmare for your drain pipes to deal with.

If you want to keep your pipes clear, be mindful of seeds, pips and grains, no matter how small they are!

Do not put them down the drain, but instead throw them in the bin or add them to your compost. Some seeds can even be tossed out for your feathered friends, who will no doubt appreciate the tasty treat.

6. Bones belong in the bin

Even if you have a very efficient garbage disposal system, it still won't be any match for bones.

The odd fishbone here and there is fine, but bigger bones from poultry and larger animals will make blades blunt and weaken the machine's mechanics. This will cause it to become much less efficient much sooner than it should.

As bones will rarely be broken down completely, they are likely to clog pipes, which will prevent other liquid from filtering through.

7. Can I put pasta & rice down the drain?

We've all heard of starch, but what does it mean for our drains?

It's not good news I'm afraid. Pasta and rice will continue to absorb liquid even after being cooked, thus turning into a stodgy, sticky mess which is hard to break down.

If you have managed to resist eating all your pasta (unlikely if you're anything like us), either portion it up for the next day, or pop it your food waste disposal bin.

8. How to dispose of your pumpkin

Carving a pumpkin always sounds like a great idea, until it comes to cleaning up.

Getting creative may be fun, but the stringy, orange mess you're left with certainly isn't. All that gunk is difficult enough for a human to clean up, so just imagine the difficulty it poses for your drains!

Donate your pumpkin innards to the compost heap or check out Wide Open Country's clever recycling ideas if you're feeling adventurous.

9. Where can I safely dispose of medication?

Medication disposal

They may be small, but they can do a lot of damage!

The answer to safe medication disposal is certainly not your kitchen sink.

Pills, although tiny, are one of the items that should never be put down the drain under any circumstances. This actually has nothing to do with clogging, but more so, the environment.

Medication is designed for humans. Their contents can be extremely damaging to the environment and poses a great threat to aquatic life and other animals.

Your local Pharmacy will be more than happy to take medication that's no longer required off your hands. Drop it off next time you're in town.

10. What does oil & fat do to my drain?

Have you ever left a pan to cool, and noticed it turn into a thick, solid, white substance?

This is often what happens to the fat and grease your pour down your sink when it is allowed to cool - it solidifies into something resembling lard you can buy from the supermarket.

Unsurprisingly, this causes issues for both your own drain, and even for water treatment plants later down the line.

Don't put fat and grease down your drain if you can avoid it. Instead, wait for it to cool, and use kitchen roll to wipe it away and dispose of it in the bin.

11. Don't pour paint down the drain

Given the house a new lick of paint? Your kitchen sink may seem like the obvious place to dispose of any leftovers, but it could cause real damage.

Your drain is not a garbage bin. It's important to always bear in mind that whatever you put down it may eventually end up in the ocean.

Whilst water treatment plants do a good job of removing many harmful chemicals, they cannot always eradicate everything.

Paint is highly toxic, and to prevent the environment from becoming contaminated, it should never be poured down the sink.

12. Can you put eggshells down the drain?

Some people claim putting eggshells down the garbage disposal is actually beneficial. They claim the small, sharp particles work to sharpen blades and even enhance the performance of the machine.

However, as with most things, there are two sides to every story. The general, professional consensus is that egg shells are better off in the bin. When ground, they turn into a rough, abrasive, sandpaper-like substance which can actually blunt the blades.

If you don't have a garbage disposal unit at all, egg shells definitely shouldn't be going down the drain. Although they may look fragile, they can easily cause an obstruction in your pipes.

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